Sunday, April 03, 2011

Call Him "Sir!" A Tribute to Lattimore Brown

I wanted to put together a podcast to pay tribute to Sir Lattimore Brown, who will be buried on Tuesday with full military honors in Pensacola, Florida (see the official Lattimore Brown website for more information and to leave a comment on the memorial page). Although there is some overlap, this podcast is intended to be a complement to Red Kelly's "I'm Not Through" podcast, which also includes material from some of Lattimore's Sound Stage Seven labelmates.

Rest in peace, Lattimore. You were loved and will be missed.

1. I'm Not Through Loving You
2. Chick Chick Chicky Chick
3. Teenie Weenie
4. Night Time Is the Right Time
5. Shake and Vibrate
6. Little Bag of Tricks
7. I Will
8. It's Such a Sad, Sad World
9. Somebody's Gonna Miss Me
10. Nobody Has to Tell Me
11. Cruise on Fannie (Cruise On)

INTERMISSION - John R, "Soul Medallion" Radio Ad

12. Warm and Tender Love
13. Please Please Please
14. Sweet Desiree
15. Everyday I Have to Cry Some
16. What Have I Done Wrong
17. Yak-a-Poo
18. It Hurts So Bad
19. I Wish I Felt This Way at Home
20. You Don't Know Like I Know (with Bobby Marchan)
21. I Got You (I Feel Good) (live on "The Beat!!!!")
22. Treat Her Right (live on "The Beat!!!!")
23. Bless Your Heart (I Love You)


Eartaste said...

Beautiful tribute - great sets, great memories. Thanks! -Rich

Dave said...

Thank you for this. Sir Lattimore Brown was a national treasure.