Thursday, April 07, 2011

Episode #39B Is Now Online!

Episode #39B of the Get on Down podcast stuffs a lot of soul power into 59:57, with a funkier touch than usual but still presenting a diverse sampling of sounds!

1. Little Denise - Check Me Out
2. The People's Choice - Destruction
3. Bobby Rush - Wake Up
4. Fred Hughes - Don't Let This Happen to Us
5. The Forevers - What Goes Around (Comes Around)
6. Lorraine Rudolph - Keep Coming Back for More
7. Bobby Byrd - "Fight Against Drug Abuse" PSA
8. Jackey Beavers - There's a Heartbreak Somewhere
9. Bobby Patterson - The Good Ol Days
10. Edith Brown - You Think Love Is Something to Play With
11. Ike Turner - Love Is a Game
12. Mask Man & The Cap-Tans - It's the Thing
13. Roy Ward - Horse with a Freeze (Pt. 1)
14. Big Bill Collins - City BBQ Radio Ad
15. Little Ben & The Cheers - Beggar of Love
16. The Valentinos - You've Got the Kind of Love That's for Real
17. Johnnie Mae Matthews - You Make Me Feel Good
18. Charlie & Inez Foxx & Their Mockin' Band - Speed Ticket
19. The Debonaires - Eenie Meenie Gypsaleenie
20. Ray Bryant - Up Above the Rock
21. Gimbles Department Store Radio Ad
22. The Li'l Soul Brothers - I've Got Heartaches
23. Tom & Jerrio - Great Googa Mooga
24. Freedom Now Brothers - It's Our Thing
25. Belva & The Randolph Brothers - Happy Fool
26. The Toddlin' Town Sounds - The Dud

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Desmond said...

Some great things in that audio chunk, Ike Turner and that Debonair's number, and them thumpin funk instrumentals. But hats off for playing Fred Hughes, I think he's a giant that got overlooked, I don't understand it, but then there was just too much talent around I suppose.