Monday, April 23, 2012

Everybody's Gettin' Down ... EVERYBODY.

Usually I come up with the "cover art" of a podcast once it's finished, but when I saw this picture of legendary authors James Baldwin and Lorraine Hansberry dancing at what appears to be a house party, it inspired the "Everybody's Gettin' Down" title and theme of this show. The "get down" vibe is here, even on more mellow numbers!

I dedicate this show to the late Andrew Love of the Mar-Keys and Memphis Horns, who passed away last week in Memphis.

1. Barbara & Gwen - Right On
2. Ruby Andrews - Help Yourself (Lover)
3. The Cruisers - Mink and Sable Mable
4. Syl Johnson - Don't Give It Away
5. Benny Gordon - Give a Damn (About Your Fellow Man) (Pts. 1 & 2)
6. TCB Recording Studio Radio Ad
7. Barbara Lewis - Baby That's a No No
8. The Fidels - Boys Will Be Boys (Girls Will Be Girls)
9. Chuck Jackson - Two Feet from Happiness
10. Walter Bee - Glad I Came to Your Rescue
11. Albertina Walker & The Caravans - Mama Said Thank You
12. Bobby Byrd "Fight Against Drug Abuse" PSA
13. Mark Seven Unltd. - I'm in Love with My Neighbor's Wife
14. James Shaw - Guilty of Adultry (Now What We Gonna Do)
15. Robbie Mitchell & Darryl Patterson - It Hurts to Say Goodbye
16. The Implements - Look Over Your Shoulder
17. The Village Soul Choir - What Happened to the Vows We Made
18. Inell Young - What Do You See in Her
19. "Save the Children" Radio Ad
20. Jodi Gales - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Pt. 1)
21. Frankie Newsome - Don't Mess with My Lovemaker (Pts. 1 & 2)
22. The Mar-Keys - Black


Red Kelly said...

Lovin' It, Stepdad!! EVERYBODY!!!

jamesmitges said...

such kind of nice and wonderful collection Spiritual Music