Monday, July 27, 2009

A Little Self-Promotion Never Hurt, Right?

Bobby Jones - Talkin' 'Bout Jones

Today's selection is from Bobby Jones, who I mentioned oh-so-briefly in a post from some time back featuring the Expo 45 "No Messin' Around" by Jones and Pauline Chivers (Shivers). As I noted then, Jones never broke into the big time on a national level, but "Talkin' 'Bout Jones" made a lot of noise in Chicago in '68 or thereabouts. "Jones" has a tasty Chicago soul groove over which Bobby lays down "no brags, just facts" about how great a lover he is - with touches of Clarence Carter in his voice - while a femme chorus chirps supportingly. It's a nice dancer, and I understand that the backing track also fueled Chris Campbell's USA 45 "You Gotta Pay Your Dues." Not sure which came first, but I'm sure the Campbell record also made good use of the groove. But this post isn't about Campbell - we're talkin' 'bout Jones!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Please Support "Loaves & Fishes"

Red Kelly has posted on The B-Side that Loaves & Fishes, a soup kitchen in Biloxi, Mississippi, is experiencing financial difficulties that may force it to close next month. Loaves & Fishes has provided lots to the community since its inception, including providing food for Sir Lattimore Brown. Please go to The B-Side for more info and to see a video featuring Lattimore about Loaves & Fishes. Your support would be greatly appreciated. You can make a donation through Red's site, or you can contribute below. As we roll into Independence Day here in the States, it's important to remember that as long as the "least of these" are left without help, none of us are free.