Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stax's Detroit Soul

Barbara Lewis - Just the Way You Are Today

Barbara Lewis is best known for her teenage soul classics "Hello Stranger" and "Baby I'm Yours," to name two. After Lewis' association with Atlantic Records ended she and long-time producer Ollie MacLaughlin hooked up with Stax Records to release her only LP for the Enterprise label, The Many Grooves of Barbara Lewis. Today's selection was the first of two singles pulled from the LP. Despite it being a great song with great vocals by Lewis and a sterling arrangement, both the single and, subsequently, the album failed to sell and Lewis decided to retire from professional singing. I read somewhere that she's considering making a comeback. Let's hope she does!

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JRS said...

Barbara Lewis performed live at the Cleethorpes Soul Weekender here in the UK about 5 yrs ago.
She put on a good show & was well received by the large audience.
Her reception led to her deciding to return to live work back in the US. To the best of my knowledge she has performed a few live shows each year since then.
JRS; Oxford, UK