Sunday, January 28, 2007

Golden Nugget Gospel!

Golden Nugget:

Jesus Is Waiting b/w Gospel Train

Gospel funky 45s are always fun to find. Although the artists involved are generally terminally obscure, the records are both spiritually uplifting and good for some "get down." Today's selection covers both sides of a 1970(?) Cotillion single. All I know about the interestingly-named group Golden Nugget is that they recorded material in the early to mid-70s at Malaco studios. It also appears that around the time of "Jesus Is Waiting," Atlantic Records was devoting more resources to gospel records, with gospel sides showing up on Atlantic, Atco and Cotillion (Atlantic, unlike most of the great R&B independents, never had a steady gospel series; instead, interesting gospel records pop up here and there in the label's discography). "Jesus Is Waiting" features a touch of funk and solid singing by the group. "Gospel Train" is a reworking of "This Train" which sticks closer to the more traditional gospel quartet sound.

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Etienne said...

Could you post'Jesus Is Waiting' again. Would love to hear it. Thanks.