Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Italian Pickett Moment, in Audio and Video!

Wilson Pickett - Un'avventura

Soul songs recorded by American soulsters in Italian have been featured twice on "Get on Down ..." already, first with a post featuring "Deborah" that was part of my tribute to Wilson Pickett after the legend's death in 2006, and then on Episode 20 of the podcast, when the Electro-Phonic Brian Phillips played Stevie Wonders "No Sono Un Angelo" ("I'm Wondering").

Today's selection showcases Pickett's other Italian record. "Un'avventura" is a surging soul mover, again showing off Pickett's versatility. As in "Deborah," both Italian and English lyrics are used, but in either case Pickett really sells the song (I mean, that famous scream has the same impact regardless of the language, no?) As a bonus, here's a YouTube clip of Pickett performing the tune live!

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EFM Radio said...

Whoa! Now this is TOTALLY tight!!!
Whoa!!!! See there? Soul is Universaleesimo!!! You write the BEST blogs Jason..

Thanks for the video treat too.

Ace those exams so we can party, okay? I can't wait!!! I come here everyday for the 'goodies'..and appreciate what you do greatly.