Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get on (and Lay It) Down With Al Green! (Woo Wee!)

Al Green - Too Much (stream only)

Lay It Down, the new Al Green album I crowed about a couple of months ago, hit the streets on Tuesday and woo wee! It's all I had hoped for in that post and more. Time does not permit me to rave enough about the CD, but, fortunately, Thom Jurek at The Allmusic Blog does a great job of raving that I agree whole-heartedly with. The Rev. Al is at the top of his game, and the CD is a "must buy" for any fan of Al Green or good soul music. Don't let the fact that ?uestlove (from hip-hop group The Roots) is involved fool you; this is as pure a soul album as it gets. If you don't want to take Thom's and my word for it, check out "Too Much," one of those "baby-making" ballads that Al is a master of. Take a listen - you'll be saying "woo wee!" also!

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ManifestO said...

Yeeahh brotha. It's been a long time comin'.

Don't know if you had a chance to peep my project, THE GREEN ALBUM. It's a hip hop remix album over all Al Green sample-made beats.

I think you'll dig it. It's available for free download here

If you like it, do what you would do with any good music... share it... that's all I ask.

Stay up. I check the blog every day.