Saturday, June 21, 2008

Get on Down in the Basement!

The Hueys - You Ain't No Hippie

Last night's guest DJ spot with Tim Lawrence at "Down in the Basement" was a blast, and I thank Tim for inviting me to spin. The crowd was small, but there were some very enthusiastic dancers who made the night a lot of fun. Today's selection was one of the 45s I played while they strutted their stuff on the spacious dance floor at the Highland Inn Ballroom & Lounge.

On the new "Stepbrothers of Soul" episode of the podcast (#28) I played the great soul shuffler "Coo-Coo Over You" by the Hueys, a latter '60s group fronted by New Orleans R&B legend Huey "Piano" Smith. "You Ain't No Hippie" is the flip of that 45. There's some interesting textures on this record: while Huey shouts his lyrics over a stomping drumbeat, the tune's catchy bassline twangs along with a slight swing that plays nicely against the beat.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - Last September I did a "Promo Day" post where I featured stuff that fell outside of the scope of this blog but had been sent to me by artists, record companies, and marketing concerns, and another installment is long-overdue. I will be doing another "Promo Day" post tomorrow, featuring some great retro-soul/funk, modern R&B, and hip hop.)

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