Monday, July 07, 2008

Karate Monkey Time!

Chubby Checker - Karate Monkey

First of all, thanks to all of you who have commented to me and Red Kelly with respect to the Lattimore Brown story that's unfolding here and at The B-Side. There's more to come, so keep an eye on both sites!

I don't think I need to write much about Chubby Checker, as his place in music history is cemented by his string of early-'60s dance hits for Parkway, with "The Twist" leading the way. Today's selection is one of the lesser-known dance sides Checker put out. "Karate Monkey" is an attempt to combine two of the day's dances, but of more importance than the run-of-the-mill dance lyrics is the great Northern Soul groove of the record, which features some very attractive acoustic guitar strumming in the choruses.

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Lea said...

Do you know how to do the dance or have a link to a video showing it. I would love to learn it!! This song is great!