Saturday, August 02, 2008

Get on Down ... #29!

Now that the bar exam is out of the way, your ever-lovin' Stepfather of Soul is ready to get back in the saddle and to start sockin' soul power on a regular basis again! And what better way is there to do that than to roll out a new podcast?

1. Mitty Collier - Get Out
2. Sidney Barnes - Ember Furniture Song
3. Tee Fletcher - Down in the Country
4. Jimmy James Thomas - I Can't Dance
5. Eddie Floyd - Hobo
6. The Raelets - Leave My Man Alone
7. Soul Brothers Six - I'll Be Loving You
8. John R - James Brown "Thinking About Little Willie John and a Few Nice Things" Radio Ad
9. Lou Johnson - Nearer
10. Little Hank - Mr. Bang Bang Man
11. Joe Simon - Put Your Trust in Me (Depend on Me)
12. T-Bone Walker - Party Girl
13. Alton Ellis & The Flames - Girl I've Got a Date
14. Earl Gaines - Been So Long
15. James Moore - Feet
16. Pauline Shivers - You Better Tell Him No
17. The Lollipops - Cheating, Is Telling on You
18. Carla Thomas - Coca-Cola Radio Ad
19. Clydie King - I'm Glad I'm a Woman
20. Bobby Womack - Lillie Mae
21. Lee Austin - Respect
22. Mel & Tim - I've Got Puredee
23. The Mad Lads - Monkey Time '69
24. Joe Haywood - Say You Will
25. The Pac-Keys - Stone Fox


HSB DaveB. said...


This latest podcast is FAB!! Some real scorchers in there and, what I love most of all, they're pretty much all new to me. Really love that Soul Brother Six tune. And the Mel & Tim is ACES! I've really got to 'Get Down' on more of their stuff. Thanks so much my Brutha!!

Best of luck with the bar results. The Stepfather, Esq. Got a nice ring to it. All the best!!!

Peace and SOUL,

Double K said...

Excellent mix down! I can never get enough of that Alton Ellis tune. It works so sell in any kind of set..soul/funk/reggae...


ohkehdaddy said...

The opening track by Mitty Collier (actually titled "Git Out") is solid gold in my humble opinion. Soul music does not get any better than this. Thank you, Stepfather of Soul! By the way: The track is available on the Kent Soul compilation "Shades of Mitty Collier: the Chess Singles 1961-1968". This album is worth every cent/penny!


A Soul Fanatic from the Netherlands