Friday, October 31, 2008

Stepfather, Esq. Presents Friday Gospel Time!

The Gerald Sisters - The Lord Is Blessing Me

It's Friday Gospel Time because I PASSED THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!



s3bk said...


Zaktrane said...


Agent45 said...

CONGRATS!!! You're my first call next time I get arrested :)

HumanTon said...

Congrats -- and thanks for all the great stuff on the blog!

Dollar Bill said...

insert jokes about alcohol here---

Congrats,I hope you only defend those that are innocent and prosecute those who are guilty.

It may not be easy to tell,but if you know,you know.

Try and weed out a few by asking them directly if the are indeed innocent.LOL

Eartaste said...

Alright! A lawyer who loves music. Weird, but cool because we'll probably need you someday. Looks like you'll have a good client list right here.

Gotta question about the podcast. Found one episode on i-tunes. Tried to download episode 1 from your website, and the link is already dead. Any ideas?

The Stepfather of Soul said...

Eartaste, I went to the website and was able to get Episode 1 of the podcast. If it doesn't work, though, a direct link to the file is

Ben The Balladeer said...

Congratulations Jason.

Cies said...


Keeping Soul Alive said...

Hi Jason

Well done mate!!!!



Jerry Hines said...

Congratulations Jason!! I know you worked hard for it and have to be pleased with all of the multi-tasking you do!

We Appreciate You!


dirk said...

Well done, a well deserved congratulations.

(hope it won't stop you from spoiling us on this site, though)

soulbrotha said...

Everytime I pop onto your blog I find I have to congratulate you for something. :D

Dude, that is AWESOME! Congrats!

marf said...

A much much belated congratulations Stepfather!! Truly an accomplishment, a long time in the making no doubt.

ray fontiane said...

This is an great post for two reasons:
1. Congrat on passing the Bar
2. This is the only song I can remember signing in youth choir when I was like 7.