Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"Get on Down" #37 - The Stepfather's Soulful Allsorts!

Episode 37 of the "Get on Down" podcast is now coming your way with an assortment of soulful goodies! Here's the playlist:

1. Spencer Wiggins - Love Machine
2. Melvin Carter - One Too Many
3. Wilbur Bascomb & The Zodiac - Just a Groove in "G"
4. Bettye LaVette - Ticket to the Moon
5. Irene Scott - Everyday Worries
6. Carla Thomas - Coca-Cola Radio Ad
7. Brooks & Jerry - I Got What It Takes, Pts. 1 & 2 & 3 (If We Have Time)
8. Homer Banks - A Lot of Love
9. Sam Dees - Lonely for You Baby
10. Freddie & The Kinfolk - Mashed Potato Pop Corn
11. Ruby Andrews - You Made a Believer out of Me
12. Big Bill Collins - City BBQ Radio Ad
13. John KaSandra - Down Home Ups / Good Whiskey & Bad Women
14. Howard Tate - Girl from the North Country
15. Little Lois Barber - Thank You Baby
16. Lynn Williams - How Can You Call Love Fascination
17. Little Milton - Coca-Cola Radio Ad
18. Ike Lovely - Fool's Hall of Fame
19. The Superlatives - Don't Let True Love Die
20. The Notations - A New Day
21. Booker T. & The M.G's - Steve's Stroll


Cholla Needles said...

It's hard to say 'they keep getting better', cause I love all the shows. But this one is inspired, with Love Machine setting the tone, and Down Home Ups keeping me laughing for the full run of the song. Great show! -Rich

Avery L. Browne said...


Just discovered your blog last week and am loving it.. Great music, great stories, great spirit!

My comment consists of two queries, unrelated to this post or to each other, so I hope you'll forgive the intrusion--Both of these questions have vexed me for years, and now that I've discovered your blog, I'm throwing these out to you:

#1: I have an old scratchy LP by Julius Cheeks, "At the Gate I Know", but no longer have a turntable! I would love to find a CD or MP3 version--have you ever come across this album in either format?

#2: In the early 80's, Michael Jackson recorded a song with Mick Jagger that was all over the airwaves in New York one summer. All I remember about it was that it was a rip-roaring piece of funk and part of the chorus was "You got me chicken-fried!" None of my friends remembers it or believes me when I mention it.

Thanks for your time, and keep doing what you're doing--it's great!!! --Kent in NYC

The Stepfather of Soul said...

Kent, thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, I don't have much to offer with respect to either question, but perhaps one of this blog's readers can. My friend Cies is the gospel expert!

Cies said...

Great podcast as usual. I really do like the radio ads mixed in the podcast.
Regarding Kent's two questions.
Yes there was a Michael Jackson & Mick Jagger duet released in the early eighties. Title "State of Shock". Check Wikipedia for more info.
The Julius Cheek album "At The Gate I Know" (Savoy LP14608) from 1981 is as far as I know not reissued on CD. Shortly after the recording of this album Julius Cheeks passed away.