Saturday, October 16, 2010

Episode #38B Is Now Online!

Episode #38B of the "Get on Down" podcast is now online! This podcast features the usual wide range of material but also pauses to honor Albertina Walker and General Johnson, whose deaths bookended Solomon Burke's. May they rest in peace!

1. Albertina Walker & The Caravans - Certainly Lord
2. Junior Wells - It's All Soul
3. Chairmen of the Board - When Will She Tell Me She Needs Me
4. Tenison Stephens - Love Is Blind
5. James Brown - I'm Shook
6. James Brown - "Take Him to the Man" PSA
7. "Shaft" Radio Ad
8. Little Oscar - (Sing About It, Shout About) Justice
9. Chairmen of the Board - I Can't Find Myself
10. J.J. Barnes - Snow Flakes
11. Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds - Sun Won't Come Out
12. The Salem Travelers - Wade in the Water
13. Luther Ingram Radio Ad
14. Clydie King - Direct Me
15. Robert & Ron - I Ain't Finished Yet
16. Barbara & The Uniques - What's the Use
17. Solomon Burke - I'll Never Stop Loving You (Never Ever Song)
18. General Johnson - Only Time Will Tell
19. Bobby Byrd - "Fight Against Drug Abuse" PSA
20. Richard Barbary - Get Right
21. Simtec & Wylie - Can't Break Away
22. Chairmen of the Board - I'm on My Way to a Better Place
23. The Caravans - Amazing Grace
24. The Music Makers - Spring Fever (Pt. 1)


fromnabulax said...

Hey Stepfather,
I only just discovered your site yesterday while doing a general search for unscoped airchecks from my youth. What an amazing resource you are providing.
I've downloaded a few of your podcasts, but it's these airchecks I find so stunning.
I would've written you directly, but couldn't find any contact info on the site.
Thanks for all the amazing stuff, and best of luck!

Unknown said...

Hey Stepfather God bless you I have met my long lost Aunt and younger brother yesterday 3-29-2011. You are amazing for letting god you like this
I am 50 years young I am one of the surviving grand children of the late,Great (Big Bill Hill). Please call me so I can thank-you personally.
(951-570-8928). Thank-you again Thomas.