Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Return to the Land of the Living, Albeit by "Soulful Distancing"!

It's been a very long time since I've posted anything here, but a recent conversation about Sir Lattimore Brown got me thinking about this blog and the need to add some updated content.

I will start by saying that I am still collecting airchecks, and will try to get some more of the "Soul on the Air" features written and posted soon. In the meantime, however, I have been staying active with the Get on Down with the Stepfather of Soul! program on Rockin' Radio, and until March 2020, the Electro-Phonic Brian Phillips and I had been hosting "Rhythm & Booze" at El Myr Burrito Lounge in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and "Rhythm & Booze" entered into an ongoing hiatus.

Brian and I decided to take the show online, and after some fits and starts with Instagram and then Facebook, we found an online home for what we began calling "Soulful Distancing." Since October 2020, we have presented "Soulful Distancing" on Mixcloud on the night that "Rhythm & Booze" would normally take place (the third Saturday of each month). Feel free to stop by and check out the archived programs!

I will do my best to get a new aircheck here within the next few weeks, but in the mean time, keep enjoying all the good music that's out there!

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