Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Let's Fix Something ...

June Conquest - What's This I See

I have realized in reviewing my archived posts that on this blog that female artists are woefully underrepresented. Hopefully this and the next few posts can fix that!

Today's post is from June Conquest, a great Chicago soul singer who unfortunately never reaped the full rewards her talent deserved. Conquest's three best-known singles came from her involvement with Curtis Mayfield in the mid-to-late '60s: "Take Care" was released on Mayfield's Windy C label, "What's This I See" was the first release for the Curtom label and her duet with Donny Hathaway, "I Thank You," was a minor hit in 1971 (the song had been released earlier with no success but was re-released to cash in on the success of Hathaway and Roberta Flack's duets on Atlantic).

"What's This I See" has an attractive rhythm and solid singing by Conquest and by The Impressions (singing backup). The song was a big local hit in Chicago (but didn't fare well elsewhere. It's a shame because it's such a great tune.

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