Friday, February 03, 2006

The Soul of the Movement: Sock It to 'Em, Soul Brother!

Bill Moss - Sock It to 'Em Soul Brother

I'll forego the fascinating story of Bill Moss, his '70s soul label, Capsoul, and the amazing Numero reissue of Capsoul material, as there's a great NPR piece (and audio interview) covering it. Moss had a minor hit in 1968 with today's selection, a four-on-the-floor funky 45 in which he name-checks several successful black public figures (try not to laugh when he mentions O.J. Simpson) and encourages his audience to go for the gold in the struggle for equality. Moss means business here, from his "Alright, you soul people, I want you to listen to me!" intro to the fade; don't let the chipper "sock it to 'em, soul brother!" choruses lead you to think otherwise.

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William said...

I have a copy of this amazing song on a Bell 45. Made Billboard's & Cash Box' R&B charts in 1969. Of course, we have to remember that at the time this was recorded, O.J. was at USC "doing his thing" on the gridiron, before getting drafted by the Buffalo Bills of the old AFL.
A very, very solid and uplifting soul track, no doubt about it!