Friday, February 24, 2006

The Soul of the Movement: The Time Is Now!

Bobby Womack - Love, The Time Is Now

Bobby Womack's late-'60s sides for Minit, although not as well-known as his blockbuster hits of the '70s for United Artists, are very good and show Womack's development as a writer and an artist. "Love, The Time Is Now" is a great ballad, with Womack pleading for the change of heart that is necessary for true social equality to occur. The lyrics show a strong belief that things are on the move but also an impatience: "hurry up change, if you're ever gonna come" takes the uplifting message of his mentor, Sam Cooke, and turned it into a demand. It's a powerful recording, and still very timely.

As I close this series of posts, let me say that indeed the time is NOW for this nation and the world to truly live up to its promise and for all people to be free. Our hearts must be in the right place for it to happen. Let's get our hearts right. The time is now.

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