Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Got Soul, You Got Soul

Gene "Bowlegs" Miller - Everybody Got Soul

Those of you who have listened to my podcasts are probably quite familiar with the John R aircheck snippet I use often for the "Soul Medallion" advertisement, in which the legendary WLAC disc jockey intones "Now I know you got to have some soul, or you wouldn't be listening to ol' John R, 'cause I got me some soul!" I like to think the same is true for all of you who come by and check out your ever-lovin' Stepfather!

A while ago I featured Gene "Bowlegs" Miller's "Frankenstein Walk" on this blog. I finally got a copy of the 45 and, as great as that tune is, the flip is really nice and certainly delivers a "soul" message consistent with John R's sentiments and mine. "Everybody Got Soul" finds Miller essaying on "I got soul, you got soul, everybody got soul" with good support from the Hi musicians, who provide yet another muscular groove, and the background singers. The tune, of course, does not escape from being brushed with Miller's good humor, as he exhorts those with soul to show it by clapping their hands and stomping their foot - "you mean feet," the background singers interject; "no, not your feet, your foot!" Miller responds - and encourages those without soul to follow Frankie Crocker and countless radio preachers' advice and put their hand on the radio for some soul healing (which I know none of you need, because you already have soul!)

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