Monday, December 04, 2006

I Want You To Wait (Wait Wait ...)

Jimmy Lewis - Wait Until Spring (Pt. 2)

Jimmy Lewis is no stranger to "Get on Down With the Stepfather of Soul," so I'll not write much about his remarkable, albeit unsung, career. "Wait Until Spring" was one of Lewis' first singles, and it came out on Four-J in 1962. Part One of the recording is a stately, slightly churchy ballad in which Lewis and the femme chorus entreat the listener to wait for a lovely spring wedding, but Part Two is a nice slab of bluesy R&B, with Lewis stealing a page from the Isley Brothers' playbook to start things off and then trading off his "I want you to wait" lines (he goes through the word "wait" like James Brown would go through "please") with the chorus.


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