Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fun With Swamp Dogg!

Swamp Dogg - Ebony and Jet

Swamp Dogg (Jerry Williams, Jr.) and his idiosyncratic records of the '70s were given little attention by R&B radio (his only R&B hit as Swamp Dogg was the comic blues "Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe"), but the corpus of Swamp's works is a very interesting lot, ranging from the country soul of "Sam Stone" through to political rants like "God Bless America For What" to downright silliness, like today's selection, which was the flip of his 1973 Brut single "Buzzard Luck" (featured in a 2006 post). Here's Swamp ponders why, despite his alleged success, he hasn't received recognition by Ebony and Jet magazines, both of which remain dominant figures in the black press. Well, Swamp, perhaps it didn't help you much that your plea is backed by a countrified band, replete with banjo picking! (Of course, I'm sure his plea was strictly tongue-in-cheek!)

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