Monday, October 29, 2007

Sweet Spring Soul

Leroy Randolph - (I Have Fallen Into) The Tender Trap

Back when your ever-lovin' Stepfather was still an informal record collector (by way of Skaggs' junk store in Jamestown, Kentucky; see my Vinyl Record Day post, which discusses this store and its important role in my life), this record popped up in a Saturday trawl. The only thing I knew about the record was that it was on Spring, whose Joe Simon and Millie Jackson platters I had heard, and that the A-side title, "Good To The Last Drop," sounded catchy. I took it home and indeed found a catchy dancer. The flip was just as good, and it's worth a feature today. Today I know as much about Leroy Randolph as I did when I bought the record (zero), but "(I Have Fallen Into) The Tender Trap" is a very atmospheric ballad that I enjoyed then and, when I finally got another copy of the 45 a few weeks ago, I still enjoy today.

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Ben The Balladeer said...

Just my kind of ballad, did not know Spring had deepies like this.