Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smooth NOLA Soul

Robert Parker - I Caught You In A Lie

Last month I featured Robert Parker on this blog, and I'll refer you to that post for a link to a profile of Parker's career from Funky 16 Corners. Today's selection was a departure from Parker's usual NOLA sides, which were dance-oriented. "I Caught You In A Lie" is a nice floater in which Parker croons about his lover's infidelity. To me, the tune has a Gene Chandler feel, and I can imagine the Chicago soul master doing it for Constellation or Checker, but Parker certainly holds his own, making sure to keep things sufficiently New Orleans - "I caught you in a lie, baby, sho' 'nuff I did," he proclaims in the coda. It's an uptown sound that has been getting a lot of play on the iPod lately.


Rich said...

Is this the same song Louisa Marks recorded for Lloydie Coxson (that's the UK Coxson) as a lovers reggae tune? If so I wonder which came first?

Great blog Jason, thanks for all the music and knowledge!

dirk said...


I got to know so much great music thru your blog, can't thank you enough for that.

Dirk (Belgium)