Monday, November 12, 2007

Under the Power of Joe Tex!

Joe Tex - Under Your Powerful Love

A couple of weeks ago I discussed a couple of Joe Tex's lesser-known 1970s recordings. Today I will continue that discussion with one of Joe's early disco-oriented tunes. Joe scored a minor hit in 1975 with "Under Your Powerful Love," but the tune has proven to be more popular in the UK than it was in the US. After a nice introduction, in which Joe sets the stage for the tale he is about to tell, a very nice disco groove kicks in and Joe brings his usual good vocal work to the call-and-response song. The storyline, in which a woman is trying to get away from a potential sexual encounter with a man she meets at a bar and had a few too many drinks with, is somewhat disturbing when viewed in today's social climate, especially in light of how Tex presents it with a touch of amusement, but the tune really works.

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