Friday, January 25, 2008

Back to the Spurling Zone!

Charles Spurling - That Woman

Today's late post revisits the Vampi Soul King Records comp Crash of Thunder and the singer/songwriter/producer Charles Spruling, both featured in an earlier post. According to the liner notes to King's Northern Soul, Spurling had a very singular sound, the product of his childhood lack of exposure to secular music. That, along with his alleged tough-guy ways, resulted in some particularly dark tunes like "That's My Zone (He's Pickin' On)," "Buddy Boy" and today's selection.

On "That Woman," Spurling relishes the come-uppance he has in mind for his former love: not only is he going to leave her for someone else, he's going to tell her all about it. "She's S-O ... G-double O-D," he boasts, while the minor key groove pushes and pulls along.

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soulbrotha said...

Lovin' this track, Jase. Thanks!