Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rolling With Reed!

Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves:

Am I Wasting My Time (stream only)

She Walks (stream only)

The retro-soul singer/multi-instrumentalist Eli "Paperboy" Reed is no stranger to Get on Down ..., having been featured around this time last year and again after the release of his Q-Dee 45 "The Satisfier" b/w "It's Easier". In both posts I made mention of the forthcoming album Roll With You, and I was happy to learn a couple of weeks ago that the album is now slated for March 2008 release. Thanks to Eli and the kind folks at Q Division Records, I received a review copy of the CD and I'm glad to say that Roll With You will continue to take Eli & The True Loves higher and higher in the music scene. (Speaking of which, click the picture above to see a compendium of press they've received, most notably from Mojo magazine.)

Today's post will cover two tracks from the CD. I featured the group's original recording of "Am I Wasting My Time" in my February 2007 post, but for Roll With You the tune has been re-recorded. The superior production quality on the new version of the song really takes the tune to a new level, and Eli brings a stronger vocal performance. This is a song that I can close my eyes and visualize as an Atlantic soul disc from way back when, with its great horn charts (inspired by Ollie & The Nightingales' "I Got a Sure Thing") and fine harmony vocals. "She Walks" is one of the many other great tunes on the CD (which includes the Q-Dee single, a re-recording of "I'm Gonna Getcha Back" and uptempo groovers like "Stake Your Claim"), and its Van Morrision-tinged sound really caught my attention when I first heard it. It's a powerful ballad that you'll have to play again and again.

Make sure to keep your eyes open for the release of this CD (and I will make sure to note its release on these pages) and do visit Eli's website (see link in my prior posts) for information about the CD and the group's touring in support of it. Eli and the band have really done a great job on this CD, and I hope that they continue to receive great notices!

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