Friday, May 12, 2006

The Get Down Begins Behind the Green Door!

Wynder K. Frog - Green Door

Today I am happy to say that I have survived Year #2 of law school!!!!! I'm in the mood to celebrate, and here at my desk I'm going to be getting down like nobody's business! I'll defer to John Stapleton's excellent article at Funky 16 Corners about the pseudonymous Frog (Mick Weaver) for all the info. This mod/Northern classic is a nice slab of organ-led soul and it's good for kicking off a great day!


Larry Grogan said...

I appreciate the link, but that article was written by John Stapleton.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your survival at law school!

jabartlett said...

Let me add my congratulations, too. If I could think of an appropriate R&B song about lawyers, I'd quote it.

The Stepfather of Soul said...

I can't think of any "lawyer" songs, although there are quite a few "judge" and "court" songs ... considering the last exam I took, I guess I can only quote Bull & The Matadors ... "judge, you sho' is funky!"