Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lord, It's You and Me

Little Richard - In the Middle of the Night

Little Richard's soul sides were touched upon in a post from a couple of weeks ago. Today's selection came out on the tiny Greene Mountain label in 1973 following his relatively successful stint at Reprise. The Jimmy Holiday-penned "In the Middle of the Night" was Richard's last Billboard R&B chart record and is mistakenly listed in Joel Whitburn's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Singles 1942-2004 as a gospel song. The mistake is understandable, though, as Richard and the background singers do "go to church" on this, a heartbroken conversation of a lonely man needing someone to love.

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John said...

Thank you. I am a classic soul lover too but only recently have I realized how much I did not know. Thanks to you and other soul bloggers I am picking up on some great music - b sides, etc. Great song by Little Richard!