Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lucky Number Seven!

Here's Episode #7! Enjoy!

1. Albert Collins, "Cookin' Catfish"
2. O.V. Wright, "What Did You Tell This Girl of Mine"
3. Oscar Wright, "Fell In Love"
4. The Charmels, "Loving Material"
5. Roscoe Shelton, "Easy Going Fellow"
6. Charlie Whitehead, "The Story of Mr. Pitiful"
7. John R, "Soul Medallion" Ad
8. Eddie Floyd, "Good Love, Bad Love"
9. Slim Harpo, "My Baby She's Got It"
10. Wallace Johnson, "If You Leave Me"
11. Gene Allison, "If I Ever Needed Your Love"
12. Cody Black, "Keep On Keeping On"
13. The Mad Lads, "No Time Is Better Than Right Now"
14. Gwen & Rae, "Build Your House on a Strong Foundation"
15. Lucille Mathis, "I'm Not Your Regular Woman"
16. Lee Brackett, "Save a Foolish Man"
17. Kool Cigarettes Ad
18. The Emotions, "Somebody New"
19. The Epsilons, "Mind in a Bind"
20. Lee "Shot" Williams, "I Hurt Myself"
21. Les Watson, "I'm Gonna Cry"
22. Billy Guy & The Odds 'n' Ends, "Lookin' Like a Nut Nut"
23. Maxine Brown & Chuck Jackson, "Hold On I'm Coming"
24. The Lafayette Leake Trio, "After Hours" (closing theme)

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johnny said...

Nice set there Mr Stone.