Monday, August 21, 2006

B.B. King Is a Soul Man!

B.B. King - Who Are You

As mentioned in my "TSOBB" post from March, blues legend B.B. King entered the '70s receptive to incorporating soul music into his repertoire, an approach that paid immediate dividends with a nice string of hits that lasted throughout the decade. "Who Are You" was a #27 R&B chart hit in 1974. After a groovy opening featuring the tune's catchy bass line and some tinny electric piano, King lays out the song's quirky lyrics with support from a nice male chorus (who also appear on "I'd Like To Live The Love") and good horn charts.


Barry said...

One of my favourite all-time tracks is from BB..'I'd Like To Live The Love'..
this one is also a goodie Jason..pity he didn't record more SOUL...


Anonymous said...
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