Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Chicago Steelers!

The Steelers - I'm Sorry

A few years back I read a column in the Chicago Sun-Times profiling Wes Wells & The Steelers, a Chicago soul group whose recorded output was fairly small and generated only one hit, the Date 45 "Get It From The Bottom" from 1969. The members of the group still reside in Chicago's West Side and at the time of the article had actually recorded a new tune (if I recall, it was encouraging people to go vote in the upcoming Presidential election). Although they never reached the level of fame their talent warranted (probably because they sounded too similar to the Impressions), the Steelers' records are very good and worth checking out. Although "Get It From The Bottom" is still popular among the Northern Soul crowd, the flip, "I'm Sorry," is a favorite of mine also. There's a soft funk groove underneath this sweet ballad, and Wes and the group almost perfectly mirror Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, even down to the switching off of lead vocals in the bridge. As derivative as it sounds on paper, it's heaven to the ears.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, Thank you for that great passion that you have to make poeple share your passion in music, (yeah man this is bigtime), and in second let me tell you how much i love that soul music 'n'blues.(CRAZY)remenber. ..are...a ..great...yes, just great..Soul Brother .Thank much..much.
From Paris France with love.