Friday, August 25, 2006

Just a Touch of Miami Soul!

Charlie Whitehead - Between The Lines

As mentioned in a prior post, Swamp Dogg's productions on Charlie Whitehead, aka Raw Spitt, are worth checking out if you are a fan of Swamp Dogg and of Southern soul. Today's selection was a single on Stone Dogg, a mid-'70s joint venture between Swamp Dogg and Miami record man Henry Stone, who was sitting pretty with quite a few hits by the likes of Clarence Reid and Betty Wright and was on the cusp of immense success with his TK label (more on that in a moment). "Between The Lines" features Swamp's usual good songwriting and Whitehead's strong singing with a nice dash of the Miami soul groove thrown in for good measure, especially with the guitar work (this just has to be Willie "Little Beaver" Hale; the other night I listened to this on headphones for the first time and his busy, single-string playing, isolated to the left stereo track, is outstanding). It's a nice piece of steppin' soul to take into the weekend!

In an interview with Roctober, Swamp Dogg mentioned that when he was working with Stone there was an eager young go-fer in Stone's Hialeah studios named Harry Casey, whom he showed a few things on the piano and what-not. Swamp pointed out that he nearly ended up as that go-fer's valet, as Casey phoneticized his last name to "K.C." and rode the disco wave to immense stardom on TK as the decade progressed!

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