Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dave Hamilton's Eccentric Soul

James Lately - Tears Running and Falling From My Eyes

Detroit soul man Dave Hamilton and his productions were featured in a week of posts not too long ago. The first of the sundry labels Hamilton would run from the '60s through the '80s was called Temple, and one of Temple's acts was the mysterious James Lately. Both today's selection and "Love, Friends and Money" (which appeared on Kent's Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers Vol. 1 but appeared in final form on Vol. 3 of the series) find Lately providing meandering vocals over very atmospheric backing tracks. On "Tears Running and Falling From My Eyes" he very successfully puts over the disorientation and heartache that a broken relationship can create, managing to negate the premise of "Love, Friends and Money" in the process and providing one such stark lines as "Am I living on this earth? No - I'm just existing without you." It's a little odd, but it's very good.

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