Friday, November 03, 2006

Money Mu$ic

A.C. Reed - I Got Money To Burn

Well, here at work we have just closed a $1.5 billion portion of a $6 billion deal, a major payoff by any definition. Suddently this song seemed appropriate :) Singer and saxophonist A.C. Reed recorded a lot of great blues, soul and funk in the '60s and '70s, although the biggest brush of fame came in the latter part of his life, as he cut a string of great blues records and made appearances in blues clubs as a cynical curmudgeon who was tired of the non-renumerative bluesman's life (one album, titled "I'm In The Wrong Business!" showed Reed tossing his sax into a trash can, and when I saw him live at the Kingston Mines in Chicago back in 1999 he ended a lot of his songs with the phrase "... and that's enough of that shit"). "I Got Money To Burn," then, is a much earlier recording, and it's a nice rambling blues to celebrate a big deal with. Of course, like Reed, the glory of the deal will be non-renumerative for me!

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