Monday, March 12, 2007

Get on Down With Tony Joe White!

Tony Joe White - Scratch My Back

Today's post is inspired by the great post at Funky 16 Corners about the great Tony Joe White, whose '60s recordings for Monument are a great amalgam of swamp pop and blue-eyed soul. I'll defer to Larry's post for details about White, but I'll jump in with today's selection, which he mentioned in the post but didn't provide a link for. Quite a few artists covered Slim Harpo's "Baby Scratch My Back," ranging from Clifton Chenier's zydeco take ("Just Keep On Scratching," featured in Brainfreeze) to Oliver Sain's early '70s funk version for A-Bet. White's version of the tune ups the swamp quotient and is, in my opinion, the best of the covers. As the wah-wah infused groove pushes along White grunts and groans in a manner to eliminate any doubt that may existed from Harpo's record as to what "back scratching" entails.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - Thanks to the sole commenter on Saturday regarding the use of ZShare for file preview and download. I would like to hear from more of you as to whether you like the change or not - the fact that there have been over 300 downloads in the last three days seems to suggest it's going well!)


Sir Vance-a-lot said...

Like a previous reader said, I don't like the pop-ups, but I do like how it keeps the file name intact. The older service would put %20 in every space, and it really made a mess when trying to save it.

peter said...

Thanks for the (additional) Tony Joe White. I haven't had any problems downloading from ZShare, and I haven't experienced any pop-ups with it, either.

Keep up the great work!

Richard said...

See Jase! I told you!

peter said...

thanks as always for the great music. i prefer the old download system and for me having to hear the music first was never an issue since your taste is impeccable. and if for some reason there was a lapse in taste i could always delete. either way you decide to go thanks again for all the good music