Saturday, March 24, 2007


Abraham & The Casanovas - Kangaroo (Pt. 2)

I plan to record and upload the new podcast today, but to tide you over for now, and to allow me to play with Hipcast some more, I present today's selection.

Abraham Ester and his wife, Marion, were part of the Murco Records roster in Shreveport, Louisiana. Dee Marais' Murco concern never was a major success but it enjoyed regional hits like Eddy Giles' "Losing Boy." The Kent CD Shreveport Southern Soul is a great anthology of the label and is worth checking out. Abraham's solo record "Kangaroo" was a two-part 45 on the Murco subsidiary Peermont, which unfortunately was not included on the comp. Part One's vocal is pretty good, but the instrumental Part Two is really where it's at, as Abe calls for solos and the groove really cooks. I need to get a cleaner copy of this 45, because it's just so good.

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