Friday, March 16, 2007

The Memphis Soul of Revilot?

Terry Felton - You're Welcome Back

Most of the material that was released on the Solid Hitbound Productions labels including Revilot was in-house material produced by Don Davis, LeBaron Taylor or George Clinton, but there were lease-in deals. On Revilot those were the Little Sonny recordings and today's selection, a single produced by Memphis session musician/producer/vocalist Charles Chalmers, whose story (including his unlikely rise to popularity as a backup singer vis-a-vis his singing, with the Rhodes sisters, on Al Green records) can be read here. "You're Welcome Back" was a Chalmers production on Terry Felton, about whom I know nothing. There's a nice Memphis mid-tempo groove on this one (it sounds to me like it may have been recorded at Hi). Felton's singing is a little cloying, but she moves the song along nicely. It's a nice groover to end the week with.

(A postscript - The flip of the 45, "I Don't Want to Have to Wait," was also a production by Chalmers on Barbara & The Browns, which was leased to Chess, for whom Chalmers cut an instrumental LP, Sax and the Single Girl.)

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