Friday, April 06, 2007

Arhoolie Soul?!?

Larry O'Williams - That's My Girl

As I've often told people, when I go to "Rhythm & Booze" it's like going to church and school - "church" in the sense that it's very uplifting and "school" in the sense that Tim and the other DJs always expose me to great soul records I'd never heard of. Kurt Wood, with whom I shared DJ duties on St. Patrick's Day, exposed me to this curiosity from the folk-oriented Arhoolie label. "Soul? On ARHOOLIE?!?" I pondered in amazement. But 'tis true!

I haven't been able to find anything out about Larry O'Williams, but "That's My Girl" appears to be his only 45 for the company. Over a nice rhythm section O'Williams really sells the song with his somewhat unusual voice. If anyone knows anything about this record or its singer please let me know! See Eric's comments below, which provide valuable information! Thanks Eric!

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Eric said...

I have the album that single is from and the artist is listed as Larry Williams (not the famous one). I am assuming the 45 is typ-O'd. The LP, from 1968, is on Arhoolie as well is called Ball and Chain. It also features Big Mama Thronton(doing an a amzing version of "Wade in the Water" which is also on 45) and Lightnin' Hopkins.
Larry is from Houston and was born in 1939 and from the album bio, apparently was childhood friends with Johnny Nash(they lived across the street form one another)! He spent a large part of his career backing folks like Big Mama Thornton, Lowell Fulson, Esther Phillips, and bunches of others. Great tune!