Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Funky Funky Tomfoolery!

Leroy Lloyd & The Swinging Dukes - The Worm Song

For today's post I return to the Soul Resurrection CD (which, contrary to what I said last week, is available for purchase from Dusty Groove America and other retailers of fine soul and funk CDs) to present some funk from the Playground Studio. I originally intended just to mention this track in a post of another track, but I was listening to it yesterday and decided that such funky foolishness just had to be shared.

Leroy Lloyd and the Swinging Dukes' "Worm Song" is one of those records like Bo Diddley's "Say Man," featuring ridiculous dialogue while a nice groove rolls along. Here, a great funky groove is there to keep your feet tapping, but the rap over the top runs the gamut from being disgusting (ostensibly, the song is about having tapeworms!) to being full of sexual innuendos (lots of jokes about the size of various people's "worm" abound) to referencing to the Ohio Players (it's claimed that one person got a worm from "messing with an old, old person" - the granny from the hit "Funky Worm," maybe?) and "Shout Bamalama" singer Mickey Murray. It's clear why this never saw the light of day, but it's funky tomfoolery to the nth degree.

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