Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Get on Down With Willie West!

Willie West - Hello Mama

I first heard of New Orleans soulster Willie West via Mr. Fine Wine's "Downtown Soulville" show, on an occasion when he played the brooding, funky "Fair Child" (Josie), which I really need to get a 45 copy of, although I never see it on eBay. I first heard today's selection on one of Larry Grogan's "Funky 16 Corners" mixes, and as soon as I heard it I immediately went on eBay and bought a copy of the Deesu 45. "Hello Mama" has a groove that I can't quite describe: it's a little funky, but it's also got this slow and sexy "Get Low Down" New Orleans thing going on. Whatever the groove is, it's a solid cooker, with West asserting that he's got a "brand new style" on the dance floor. His lyrics, though, are fairly insignificant in light of the tune's awesome groove, particularly later in the recording when Allen Toussaint starts tossing in some nice hard piano chords to funk it up. Right here, baby, is where it's at!

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Willie West said...

Willie West here, I have a compilation of all my old stuff that I can send you, if you'd like, including Fairchild.
Allen wrote the lyrics to Hello Mama, as well as the music.
Have you checked out my newer stuff on
Thanks, WW
next gigs: June 29, 30 @ Dakota Jazz Club Minneapolis, MN
July 5, Tupelo, MS Bottom Line Club
July 6, Columbus, MS Princess Theater
July 7, Starkville, MS Crossroads