Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Different Take ...

The Meditations - It's Wrong to Fight

Nearly a year ago I featured the Violinaires' "It's Wrong to Fight" on this blog, and since then I've heard another version of the tune, this time as performed by the Meditation Singers, no stranger to this blog or the "Get on Down ..." podcast, who are billed on the Checker 45 as "The Meditations". The Meditations record seems to predate the Violinaires version, as a more rocking groove is in place rather than the Chess funky soul prevalent on the Violinaires record and countless other Chess/Checker/Cadet sides I've discussed here, like "Lay It On Me" by Maurice & Mac, which I featured last week. The groove works, though, and the group does its thing with the great lyrics.

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