Thursday, February 07, 2008

Try It, You'll Like It!

The Barrino Brothers - Try It, You'll Like It

The Holland-Dozier-Holland sound of the early '70s on their Invictus/Hot Wax setup always gets to me because it was so bright-sounding. As Motown moved west and started to change its core sound, H-D-H kept the flame going in Detroit, with the Honey Cone, the Glass House, Laura Lee and the Chairmen of the Board pumping out hits. Today's selection is by the Barrino Brothers, who had done some work for Dave Hamilton's TCB label before releasing a handful of singles and two albums on Invictus. The funky "Try It, You'll Like It" was released in 1972 and that bright H-D-H sound is all over the record. Unfortunately, R&B stardom was not in the cards for the Barrinos, and by the mid-'70s they had faded into obscurity. Nearly thirty years later, however, their niece, Fantasia, would go on to win American Idol and start a successful career as a singer/actress. The talent was genetic, I guess!

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W said...

A deeply groovy tune by a band I have to admit I'd not heard of before. Thanks - great blog.