Thursday, February 21, 2008

Still Doin' Stuff With Eccentric Soul!

Perk Badger - Do Your Stuff

I've praised the Numero Group's Eccentric Soul series of rare soul compilations quite a few times on this blog, and I am continually thrilled at the top-notch material they keep putting out. I just got a copy of the latest volume, Outskirts of Deep City, which is the second volume of the series to cover the Miami-based Deep City label and its affiliates. (I discussed this earlier comp in a prior post.) The new comp is the product of further digging by the Numero crew, who - in what would seem more appropriate for a movie or a TV show than real life - got access to an old box of tapes that had been stowed away in the closet of Willie Clarke's ex-wife. The material they found, plus material left out of the prior Deep City comp, is splendid, and as always, I have to say that the comp joins the others in the Eccentric Soul series as must-have discs for any soul fan's collection.

Pearstine "Perk" Badger (aka "Mr. Percolator") is well-known among rare funk fans for tunes like today's selection and among soul fans for tunes like "One Woman Man" (see John Ridley's Sir Shambling profile of the Percolator for more info), and one of the treats on Outskirts of Deep City is the full version of "Do Your Stuff," which is generally known in its edited form as released on Hit Sound. This is one of those funkers that builds up steam as it goes, and I dare you to sit still as the Percolator and the band (the Rising Sun, who will be featured in a future "It's Not Eccentric, It's Awesome" post) turn up the heat.

(For further stuff from this great comp, check out O-Dub's Soul Sides post featuring two more cuts from the CD!)

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