Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dippin' on a Soul-Blues Thursday!

Big Al Carson - Dip My Dipper

I know that this type of post is usually appropriate for "Soul-Blues Saturday," but I'm feeling this one today, and why wait when you got a goodie, right? I've just recently heard of New Orleans singer/brass band musician/actor Big Al Carson (check out his official website), but his version of the Cicero Blake classic salacious blues "Dip My Dipper," from his awesomely-titled 2002 album Take Your Drunken Ass Home, is really good and it's getting a lot of action in my personal playlist lately. (Blake's original was discussed in a prior "Soul-Blues Saturday" feature.) Carson's warm vocals capture the song's humor perfectly, and the song is a bit more "down-home" than the original, thanks to some very good harmonica work.

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Occapella said...

Big Al is something of a New Orleans institution, but, to my shame, although I've visited the city several times, I've never checked out his live show. On the strength of this track, I'll certainly rectify that next time I'm in the Crescent City. Fabulous stuff!