Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Post You Gotta Check Out, Plus A Mystery

Today's post is actually a referral to another post on another blog. When I saw this Soul Spectrum post and listened to the feature, I was floored. Stevie Wonder would do a great version of his "All I Do (Is Think About You)" on the Hotter Than July album, but Tammi Terrell's 1966 version of the tune is outstanding. The groove, of course, is classic Motown, but it really works, and it's well sung. As to why this went unreleased until it appeared on a Cellarful of Motown comp is beyond me. Now to hear the released Brenda Holloway version, which used the same backing track!

Speaking of things I need to hear, I'm hoping one of you can help me. When I was a kid my aunt gave my folks a tape of late-'70s/early-'80s funk stuff. One of the tunes has been one that I've been trying to find for years. It sounds like a P-Funk or Gap Band kind of thing, with the multi-layered vocals, etc. The song's intro featured a bass singer doing a version of the "one fat hen, a couple of ducks" nursery rhyme, and the tune itself had a chorus along the lines of "if you want some fun, then you gotta let us know ... great gosh a mighty lemme see you baby, let's get down with it" and some guy kept babbling about "Reaganomics." Does anyone know the title/artist of this, or have an MP3 of it you'd share with your ever-lovin' Stepfather? I would surely appreciate it!

(EDITOR'S NOTE - The song is "Talking Back" by the Gap Band. Now to getI got a copy of it!)


Brian Phillips said...

It's your Stepbrother!

There is a song called "Reaganomics" by Johnnie Taylor, but it may be too refined by what you are describing. Go to and look up Johnnie Taylor.

He recorded one album on Beverly Glen (and he managed not be Anita Baker, too!). There is a sound sample there.

The Stepfather of Soul said...

Alas, my dear Stepbrother, that's not it. I think I was a bit misleading to make a "Gap Band" reference; it's definitely got more of that bouncy P-Funk groove.