Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Fine Slice of Tangerine!

Andy Butler - Hold Back the Night

As I've mentioned on this blog before, one of the neat things about getting 45s of tunes you've heard on comps or elsewhere is finding out what the B-sides are. Sometimes the find is just fantastic, as I'm know my man Red Kelly from The B-Side (which was recognized, along with yours truly's blog, in The Guardian ahwile back; check it out - the link is at right - if you haven't already) can attest! While I was on vacation I featured Andy Butler's Tangerine recording of "Coming Apart at the Seams," and upon receiving the 45 this week I found that I had yet another fabulous flip side on my hands. Something tells me I've heard "Hold Back the Night" before, perhaps by a different artist - I don't have time to check. At any rate, it's a great ballad that provides a nice Southern soul antidote to the Chicago groove of the A-side.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - I plan to re-record this one over the weekend and I'll repost it; I think I slightly over-recorded this - my apologies for the distortion in some spots.)

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