Thursday, April 03, 2008

An Important Message From the Stepfather of Soul

I'm having a bit of a struggle with, which has hosted my "" domain since I started the blog back in 2005, because GoDaddy has initially deemed that my use of their services is solely "file storage" (a violation of their Terms of Service) because I don't have a "" website. By later today, should GoDaddy deny my appeal, GoDaddy will delete all the files that I have there. This will not affect the daily posts or HIPCAST playbacks of the podcast, as HIPCAST is a separate entity and does not have limitations about "file storage." However, it will cause all of the pictures that appear in various posts to disappear, it will prevent downloads of the podcast from this site, and the RSS feeds I have at present for the podcast will not work. I have sent an "SOS" e-mail to several of my fellow music bloggers, and have received great advice on what service may be a good alternative to GoDaddy. I have lined up a replacement, and should my appeal to GoDaddy fail, I will establish an RSS feed there so that iTunes users will have no interruption in downloading the new podcasts. I'll share more news as events unfold.

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Zer0_II said...

I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I've been through this type of thing before, and it's not fun to deal with. If you do get another domain, or switch hosting, I would recommend that you store your files on a file hosting server. I hope that they don't delete all of your files. There are freeware programs that would scan and save all the files on your site, including the pictures, however the music would be a completely different problem all together. I'm sure that the visitors here would help you out in that area as much as possible. If I can lend a helping hand in any way please let me know. I wanted to thank you for linking to my site also. Thank you, it's a honor. I wish you the best of luck with everything.