Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Living in America!

James Brown:

America Is My Home (Pt. 1)

(Pt. 2)

If one were to say that James Brown was not patriotic, they would be drummed out of town, with JB's "Living in America" blasting as they went. Brown viewed himself as the ultimate American success story, and twenty years prior to "Living in America" he released "America Is My Home" as an assertion of American pride. This two-parter is a jazzy swinger in which James does a monologue about how great America is and about his own rise from nothing to success, while throwing in some shout-outs to Gene Allison and The Impressions and, in the second part, name-checking a string of states. Brown comes off in some spots as a hipster poet and in others as a rambling wreck, but the sentiment rings through.

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