Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Is (Derivative) Blues Day!

G. L. Crockett - Every Good Bye Ain't Gone

Some time ago I featured G. L. Crockett's boozy, Jimmy Reed-styled "It's a Man Down There" on this blog. After that tune turned into a surprise hit for the Chicago-based Four Brothers label, Crockett laid down "Every Good Bye Ain't Gone" as a follow up, and it's not surprising that Crockett revisited the laconic Jimmy Reed style for "Every Good Bye Ain't Gone," delivered over a nice loping rhythm. Although these tunes, and Robert Pruter's brief discussion of Crockett in Chicago Soul would make you think that all Crockett could do was ape Jimmy Reed, I've recently acquired another Crockett 45 featuring a more traditional Chicago soul sound and have heard "Watch My 32," on which Crockett addresses both Jr. Walker's "Shotgun" and the Sharpees' "Do the 45." I'll have to feature these another time, but right now, it's blues day, children!

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