Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thinking of Lattimore Brown

Over at The B-Side, Red Kelly reports that Lattimore Brown, who had been a victim of Hurricane Katrina, was evacuated from his Biloxi dwelling in the wake of Hurricane Gustov. If you haven't read the remarkable story of Lattimore at The B-Side, do check it out (links to the first seven installments are at the right). Let's pray that Lattimore is okay.


Red Kelly said...

Hey Jason -

First of all, thanks so much for your continued support.

Although it appears that Gustav didn't cause much damage in Biloxi, thank God, Lattimore has apparently been left in limbo once again, as when they evacuated the hotel he was in, the desk clerk told me, they 'checked everyone out'. In other words, he's going to have to re-negotiate his standing with FEMA, and find yet another place to live.

In the meantime, none of us knows where he is. I'm working on that now, and I'll let you (and everyone else) know just as soon as I find out.

Thanks - red

Red Kelly said...

Jason -

News about Sir Lattimore:


Thanks - red